1.599 EUR per person

January - March


7 days and 6 nights


approx. 100 km

Total distance with dog sled

max. 2 participants

Group size

in the guest room


Breakfast, snack, dinner, drinks


Airport transfer


What can you expect?

  • One week vacation in Swedish Lapland and everyday life with 16 sled dogs.
  • 6 nights in our guest room in the house with full board.
  • You will learn how to steer a dog sled, what is important and that it is much more than just standing on the sled and letting the dogs run.
  • You will steer your own team of four and only hear the panting of the dogs and the runners of the sled.
  • We will spend 4 days sledding in the snowy forests of Swedish Lapland, covering a total of around 100 km.
  • Daily contact and interaction with the dogs. You are allowed to be there every time the dogs are fed and cared for and have time to cuddle and play with the dogs in their enclosures or in the free run.
  • And if you're lucky, you might see the Northern Lights dancing at night.

What does the vacation week look like?

Day 1 | Saturday | Arrival

You arrive at Skellefteå airport and are picked up by Mario. You move into your room and discuss the schedule for the next few days over a leisurely dinner. You can arrive in peace and quiet and get your first contact to the husky pack.

Day 2 | Sunday | First attempts on the sled

Today the focus is on getting to know the pack and the respective team as well as handling the dogs and the equipment. Each participant receives a basic course in sledding. A team of 4 dogs is prepared and Mario takes over the start from the enclosure. Each participant is then allowed to ride the sled for the first time to get a feel for the sled and the dogs. Mario drives ahead with the snowmobile and gives tips and tricks along the way on how to steer the sled correctly.

Day 3 | Monday | The start is always very exciting - each participant starts their team independently

Together with Mario, each participant prepares their team of 4. While everything was still very exciting and new the day before, today you will get some routine in dealing with the dogs. You will start your team independently directly from the start trail. Mario will once again drive ahead on the snowmobile to coach you at all times along the way. The start is always very exciting and the dogs can hardly wait for the start. You will also be excited and nervous. This is completely normal, but don't worry, the dogs will do a great job. Your job is to get you and your team safely from the start trail to the main trail.

Day 4 | Tuesday | We go on our first longer tour with the dogs

Together with Mario, each participant will now prepare their team largely independently and we will take the dogs on a 20 - 25 km ride. On this tour, you will become more and more experienced in dog sledding and also get a feel for your team's dogs. And you will be able to enjoy the breathtaking winter landscape even more.

Day 5 | Wednesday | Rest day for the dogs

This day is a rest day for the dogs and you can also spend a leisurely day today or do the following activities, for example:

Snowshoe hike

Visit to a reindeer enclosure (for an extra charge)

Short husky hike

Snowmobile tour (for an extra charge)

Day 6 | Thursday | A longer day trip with a picnic en route

Today the long final tour is on the program, a beautiful and very varied round trip of approx. 35 - 40 km. Here the participants are really challenged once again. Halfway through, we take a picnic break with a campfire. The participants learn how to properly secure the dogs. After a little refreshment, we continue. This tour will take around 4 - 5 hours.

Day 7 | Friday | Departure

Mario takes you back to the airport. You return home with lots of new impressions and experiences.

How are we housed?

Guest room on your own floor

You stay with us in our house, so the accommodation is very informal. You have your own floor with 2 rooms at your disposal. There is also Wi-Fi, a sauna and a barbecue hut. Bathroom, shower and WC are shared

Where we live

The Swedish wilderness begins directly behind the house with several square kilometers of pure nature, where many native wild animals such as moose, reindeer, wild cats and many more live. Brown bears can also be found here in summer. The air here in the far north of Scandinavia is considered to be one of the cleanest. The drinking water is also of excellent quality, as it comes from a spring.

How is the catering provided?


For breakfast we serve homemade bread, regional bread specialties and muesli. Coffee and tea are available all day, cow's milk and oat milk of your choice


We usually don't get back with the dogs until the afternoon and then we have a small snack or coffee and cookies. On days when we're out for longer, we cook something on an open fire on the way.


Every evening we cook freshly and you will receive a menu card in advance from which you can choose different dishes. Vegetarian food is possible

What else do you need to know?

Individual vacation

With us, you experience an individual vacation and definitely no mass tourism. During the time you spend with us, we are 100% there for you!

Safe experience

Depending on the weather conditions, the program items must be adapted. It should be a safe experience for two and four-legged friends and you should be able to enjoy it!

We adapt to you!

It is important to us that everyone can take part in the tours within their physical and mental capabilities. Activities can be adapted at any time! We will adapt to you!

Evening activities

The evenings can be organized together, e.g. with board games, or alone.

Travel cancellation insurance

We recommend that you take out travel cancellation insurance well in advance of your trip so that you will be reimbursed the travel price in the event of cancellation. This not only makes things easier for you, but also for us.

How can I get here?

Location of the tour

Säter 17

92172 Björksele, Schweden

The journey is not included in the price and must be organized by yourself

The arrival and departure day is always Saturday and Friday.

By plane

If you arrive by plane, we will pick you up at the airport in Skellefteå or in Lycksele. On the day of departure, we will bring you back there. This is included in the total price and there are no additional costs.

By car / motorhome

It is generally possible to arrive by car. Parking spaces are available. The roads are generally very well cleared, but you should make sure that your vehicle is absolutely winter-proof.

By train or bus

If you are traveling by train or bus, we will pick you up from the nearest train or bus station. For us, this is Lycksele.

What clothing is needed?

We will provide you with this equipment:

Outer jacket suitable for polar conditions

Polar-suitable overtrousers

Thick gloves for sledging

Thermal boots

We want you to be as well protected from the cold as possible. We don't want to take any risks. To make sure we have the right sizes for you, we need your normal shoe and clothing size beforehand. The outer clothing will then be one or two sizes larger than your normal size so that you still have enough room for additional layers underneath. At temperatures of -30°C and colder, 3 to 4 layers are required to stay warm.

You must bring the following underwear for the sledging tours:

Long thermal underwear made of wool

Thick wool knee-high socks

Warm wool hat without bobble

Thermal trousers, e.g. made from fleece

Thinner gloves to put on when the dogs are harnessed

Thick winter gloves or mittens

Thick wool sweater or fleece jumper

Possibly a fleece hoodie or hooded jacket

A thin down jacket or jacket with synthetic fibers

A thin buff or face protector made of wool

Face cream

Sunglasses if necessary

No cotton

Do not use cotton for socks and thermal underwear, as it does not protect as well against the Arctic cold and you will freeze much faster in it.

Dates 2024 / 2025

Sa. 14.12.2024 - Fr. 20.12.2024

Sa. 28.12.2024 - Fr. 03.01.2025

Sa. 11.01.2025 - Fr. 17.01.2025

Sa. 18.01.2025 - Fr. 24.01.2025

Sa. 25.01.2025 - Fr. 31.01.2025

Sa. 01.02.2025 - Fr. 07.02.2025

Sa. 08.02.2025 - Fr. 14.02.2025

Sa. 15.02.2025 - Fr. 21.02.2025

Sa. 22.02.2025 - Fr. 28.02.2025

Sa. 01.03.2025 - Fr. 07.03.2025

Sa. 08.03.2025 - Fr. 14.03.2025

Sa. 15.03.2025 - Fr. 21.03.2025

Sa. 22.03.2025 - Fr. 28.03.2025

Sa. 29.03.2025 - Fr. 04.04.2025

Information about the booking

After submitting the form, you should receive an automatic notification. If this is not the case, you may have made a typo or something else may have gone wrong. Please try again.

Your booking request will be checked manually by us and you will receive a booking confirmation immediately. If you have not heard from us after 2 days, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The booking is only binding after receipt of the booking confirmation and a deposit of 20% of the invoice amount. Please also note our Terms and Conditions.

Any questions?

We will be happy to answer your questions. The best way to write to us is via our contact form. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Message is sent...

How much does a tour cost?

When booking for 2 participants

1.599 EUR per person

Single participant, without other guests

1.899 EUR per person

Payment terms

Upon receipt of the invoice, 20% of the total price must be paid immediately. The remaining 80% of the total price must be paid no later than 60 days before arrival. If the tour is booked less than 60 days before the tour date, payment of the total price must be made immediately upon receipt of the invoice


All payments must be made to us by bank transfer or PayPal. The bank and PayPal details will be communicated with the invoice. Cash payment on site is not possible

Cancellation and cancellation fees

The booked tour can be canceled in writing. Depending on the cancellation received, we will charge the following cancellation fees:

  • 60 - 30 days before the planned tour: 25% of the total amount
  • 29 - 16 days before the scheduled tour: 50% of the total amount
  • 15 - 2 days before the scheduled tour: 75% of the total amount
  • 1 day before the scheduled tour: 100% of the total amount

What are the requirements?

Minimum age 18 years

You must be at least 18 years old to drive a sled independently

A certain basic level of physical fitness

You don't have to be a super athlete, but you should have a certain degree of agility and no balance or coordination problems. You should also be able to support your team on inclines by pushing the sled.

No previous experience required

You don't need any previous knowledge of dog sledding for the MushingWEEK. You will learn everything during this week. The important thing is that you have no fear of contact with the dogs and can interact with them

Team spirit and taking responsibility

You are responsible for your dog team on every tour and we work as a team and support each other. This includes showing consideration for each other and the dogs and following our instructions

A maximum body weight of approx. 100 kg

The upper weight limit is approx. 100 kg per person so as not to overburden our dogs. If the weight is higher, please contact us.

Nature lovers

We will spend several hours a day outdoors in nature and, depending on the season, temperatures can drop to -25°C in winter. Therefore, you should enjoy being outside in nature

No allergy to animal hair

We always have a few dogs in the house and our cat Pan also lives with us. So you shouldn't be allergic to animal hair