279 EUR per person

December - April


18 years

Minimum age

6 hours


approx. 20 - 25 km

Total distance with dog sled

max. 2 participants

Group size

Snack & Drinks


What can you expect?

If you want to spend a whole day with sled dogs and get a deeper insight into mushing, then this workshop is for you.

In this workshop you will learn how to lead a small sled dog team and how everything works from preparing the dogs to starting the sled dog team.

You will be introduced to the technique of dog sledding and learn that it is much more than just standing on the sled.

With Mario as your guide, you will go on a varied tour of approx. 20 - 25 km through the fantastic winter landscape of northern Sweden.

What is the program schedule?

Getting to know the dogs

First you get to know the 4 dogs that will be pulling you and can familiarize yourself with them.

Theoretical and practical instruction on the sled

You will receive theoretical and practical instruction on the sled and Mario will explain everything to you in detail and what you need to pay attention to. He will also explain how to prepare the sled and how to harness the dogs to the sled and what to look out for.

Small trial run

But to give you a feel for the sled and the power of the dogs, we'll do a short trial run and you'll be accompanied by Mario on the snowmobile. On the slope, Mario will explain the most important things to you, which you can then try out straight away. Very important: braking!

Strengthening for humans and dogs

After the first half of the workshop, you'll probably be a bit exhausted from all the new impressions and we'll take a short break for refreshments and warm up with a coffee or tea. The dogs are also provided with a meat soup so that they too can start the upcoming ride well fortified.

Preparation of the teams

After a little refreshment, we prepare the teams together. You can prepare your team yourself. We'll help you with this, of course. The dogs will also notice that things are about to really get going, it's getting a bit louder. Now it's time to harness the dogs to the sled.

And go!

We start with the teams. Mario goes ahead with his team and you follow with your team. We will now ride about 20 km with the sled on a nice circuit.

Dog cuddles to say goodbye

On your return, you can help unhitch the dogs from the sled and still have time to cuddle with them and take photos. We provide the dogs with snacks so that they can quickly replenish their energy reserves. It must have been an exciting day with lots of new impressions and experiences for you.

What requirements do I need to meet?

Minimum age 18 years

You must be at least 18 years old to be allowed to drive a car and trailer yourself. For young people aged 16 and over, our MuhsingMINI tour would be possible.

Basic physical fitness

You should have a certain degree of mobility and no balance or coordination problems. We will be walking a total of around 25 km and you will be outside for 6 hours, and the temperature may well reach -25°C. And these cold temperatures alone are quite demanding if you are not used to them. You should also be able to support your dog team on uphill sections by pushing the sled along or pedaling with one leg.

A maximum body weight of approx. 100 kg

The upper weight limit is approx. 100 kg per person so as not to overburden our dogs. If the weight is higher, please contact us.

No fear of the dogs

You will come into direct contact with our sled dogs, who may even jump on you.

What clothing is needed?

Wear warm clothing that is suitable for the weather

Do not use cotton for socks and thermal underwear, as it does not protect you as well from the Arctic cold and you will freeze much faster in it.

If it is very cold, it is advisable to wear several thin layers.

A little more is better than too little. Clothing can also be stowed in the sled bag.

We recommend the following clothing:

Long thermal underwear made of wool

Thick woolen socks

Warm wool hat

A pair of thermal trousers

Thick winter gloves or mittens

Thick wool sweater or fleece sweater

A warm winter jacket

A thin buff or face protection made of wool

Face cream if necessary

Sunglasses if necessary

We can also provide you with the following clothing if required

Overtrousers suitable for polar conditions

Very warm down jacket in S, M and XL

Thick gloves for sledging

Thermal boots

We need the normal shoe and clothing size in advance. The outerwear is then one to two sizes larger than normal so that there is still enough room for additional layers underneath. At temperatures down to -30°C and colder, 3 to 4 layers are necessary to stay warm

What else is there to know?

Safe experience

Depending on the weather conditions, the program items must be adapted. It should be a safe and fun experience for two and four-legged friends! In principle, the tours take place in all weather and snow conditions. However, if it is not possible to carry out the booked program properly on the day of the event due to force majeure or if the program endangers people and dogs, an alternative offer will be made.

We adapt to you!

It is important to us that everyone can take part in the tours within their physical and mental capabilities. The activities can be adapted at any time!


Participation in our events is at your own risk and responsibility due to their adventurous nature. Events of this kind take place in the great outdoors, where every stay is associated with certain risks.


The participant is not insured by us as the organizer. Each participant is responsible for taking out adequate health and accident insurance (including sports accidents). Despite the professional and safe execution of the activities, accidents involving personal injury and/or damage to property cannot be ruled out. No liability is assumed for accidents. Participation is at your own risk.

Where does the tour take place?

Where do we meet?

Säter 17

92172 Björksele

Shuttle service

If you are not mobile, we can pick you up and bring you back within a radius of approx. 25 km for a tip for the dogs. Please let us know in good time.

Please be on time

Every tour with us is specially prepared, so it is important that we can start on time.

Please allow enough time for your journey, depending on the weather.

Should there be a delay, please let us know by phone. You can find the contact details here: To the contact form


279 EUR per person

Payment conditions

Day tours must be paid within 7 days of receipt of the booking confirmation and invoice. If the day tour is booked less than 7 days before the start of the tour, payment must be made immediately so that the total price is paid no later than one day before the start of the tour.


All payments must be made to us by bank transfer or PayPal. The bank and PayPal details will be communicated with the invoice. Cash payment on site is not possible.

Cancellation and cancellation fees

The booked tour can be canceled in writing. Depending on the receipt of the cancellation, we will charge the following cancellation fees:

  • up to 72 hours before the scheduled tour: cancellation free of charge
  • 48 - 24 hours before the scheduled tour: 30% of the total amount
  • Less than 24 hours before the scheduled tour: 100% of the total amount

When do the tours take place?


December - April (depending on how much snow there is)


From 10:00 a.m. or by arrangement

Available dates

December 2024
January 2025
February 2025
March 2025

Any questions?

We will be happy to answer your questions. The best way to write to us is via our contact form. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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