Welcome to the Little Wolves

We are a small pack of sled dogs in Swedish Lapland and we offer you exclusive sled dog experiences

Who we are

We are Mario and Eva with our son Mio and a total of 17 dogs and a tomcat

Where do we come from?

We originally come from southern Germany (Schwäbisch Hall) and offered various husky experiences with our sled dogs as a sideline. This was primarily to finance the pack and to be able to keep the dogs in a species-appropriate way.

Why are we here?

We could no longer find a suitable property in Germany with our sled dogs, so we gave up the location and moved to northern Sweden with all the dogs at the beginning of November 2023.

What are we doing?

Piece by piece, we are realizing a life as we imagine it, living and working in and with nature in peace with the dogs in their original form.

What do we offer?

During a vacation or an adventure day with us, we offer guests the opportunity to get to know life with our sled dogs - exclusively and personally.

What is important to us?

Our dogs are part of the family and therefore their welfare is absolutely important to us. That's why all dogs stay with us and part of the pack until the end of their lives.

We look forward to your visit!

Mario & Eva

Our philosophy

Working with animals means a very high level of responsibility for humans

Small pack

By having a small pack, we can do the best for all dogs and cater to their individual needs. All dogs are cared for exclusively by us as the main contact persons, as this ensures consistency and allows us to keep an eye on the development of each individual dog and the pack.

No "tourist handling"

The tours and vacations with us are designed for a maximum of 2 people or 1 family. We are interested in the original cooperation between humans and animals. All our guests get to know the individual characters of each dog before they go on tour with them.

Welfare of the dogs

Our dogs are fed and kept in a species-appropriate manner. For us, this means that they have plenty of space to move around in an open pack so that they can live out their social structures. High-quality dry and raw food is also part of keeping them healthy. We take the physical and psychological needs of each dog into consideration.

Family atmosphere

Thanks to a small number of participants and our small pack, we are able to offer our guests a family environment in which we get to know each other better. As our dogs are part of the family, a few of them are always allowed to spend time with us and our guests in the house.


We are happy to adapt the framework conditions of our tours and vacations and their content to the individual needs of our guests - so that everyone can have an exclusive experience with us.


We make sure that our dogs are not pushed beyond their physical and mental limits, turning them into objects of fulfillment for sledding tours and, in our opinion, exploiting them. This includes showing our guests how to handle and work with sled dogs so that they do not lose their natural joy of pulling.


Here you can find our winter and summer offers. Click on an offer to find out more or to book directly.

  • Winter
  • Summer


During this week, you will learn how to lead a sled dog team and will travel a total of approx. 100 km with your own sled dog team.

6 nights with full board

from 1.599 EUR


Treat yourself to a week's break in the middle of a fairytale winter landscape.

6 nights with full board

from 499 EUR


Active winter week for the whole family in Swedish Lapland.

6 nights in a vacation home

1.499 EUR


This taster workshop is ideal for anyone who would like to try out dog sledding in a very gentle way.

2 hours

149 EUR


In this one-day workshop you will learn the basics of mushing and ride your own team of 4 sled dogs. We will cover approx. 20 - 25 km with the sled.

6 hours

279 EUR


Would you like to ride in a dog sled as a guest? Then this experience is just right for you.

2 hours

119 EUR


On a guided snowmobile tour, we drive through the snow-covered forests of Lapland and have a small picnic on the way.

3,5 hours

269 EUR


You can feel the power of the dogs and their enormous joy of pulling on your own body. Definitely not a normal dog walk!

3 hours

49 EUR


Take a seat in the comfortable seat of our training cart and let the little wolves pull you through the autumnal forests of northern Sweden.

2 hours

119 EUR


You can feel the power of the dogs and their enormous joy of pulling on your own body. Definitely not a normal dog walk!

3 hours

49 EUR


16 Alaskan und Siberian Huskies and a Dalmatian house dog live with us. Even the dogs that no longer want to or can no longer run on the sled remain an integral part of the pack until the end of their lives.

Lucky, 10 years

Team Dog, retired

Wulfi, 8 years

Team Dog

Neo, 6 years

Lead Dog, Swing Dog

Meller, 7 years

Lead Dog, Team Dog

Gandalf, 4 years

Lead Dog

Mila, 6 years

Team Dog

Gonzo, 4 years

Team Dog, Swing Dog

Moony, 4 years

Lead Dog

Snorre, 3 years

Wheel Dog

Ylvi, 3 years

Team Dog, Swing Dog

Hakon, 6 years

Wheel Dog

Morpheus, 2 years

Lead Dog

Shimano, 2 years

Wheel Dog

Lupi, 2 years

Wheel Dog

Hardy, 2 years

Team Dog

Motsi, 2 years

Swing Dog

Lino, 6 years

House Dog


It makes us happy when we can give our guests a wonderful experience and we are grateful for the many different people we get to know and with whom we can share precious moments.

The week-long mushing workshop in northern Sweden was an unforgettable experience that we will always remember fondly! The workshop with the sled dogs was perfectly thought out and planned. Our individual ideas and needs were taken into account.

Paula & Mario


Went to Mario for an introductory day of dog sledding. Mario explained everything with so much empathy and knowledge and made it accessible that I was able to simply enjoy the whole thing without any fear and get completely involved in getting in tune with the dogs and the movement on the sled. I went home at the end with the feeling that I had enjoyed an all-round successful day with great dogs and people in breathtaking nature and had learned a lot.



I went on a sledding tour with Mario and his sled dogs and was totally thrilled, it was wonderful weather, I was allowed to help and Mario was very friendly and answered all my questions about his everyday life with the dogs, I was very satisfied and would recommend it to others, it was a unique experience.



Went on a team ride with Mario and the little wolves today.... It was a super experience and a great time. Mario is a cool, likeable guy and very affectionate with his little wolves.... Thanks again for the nice ride.



For us, it was an absolute highlight to experience the energy of the dogs up close, a unique nature experience that you won't forget in a hurry. Under Mario's safe and professional guidance, we were even able to steer the team ourselves.

Manu & Boris


The tours through the woods with the beautiful surroundings were a great experience. Even though it was -40°C for a few days, it was a great vacation and a great experience.

Lena & Benedikt


So many great "wolves" at once. Each one super sweet, gentle, open-minded, curious, people-oriented and very cuddly. Anyone who was previously afraid of dogs definitely lost their fear immediately! Simply fantastic!



Contact us

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help you.


Säter 17, 92172 Björksele, Schweden


+49 151 15 59 09 59

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